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Do I need a notary?

Whether you'd like to write your will or file a declaration of inheritance, the law does not require the services of a notary.

Is a notary mandatory?

Contrary to popular belief, a notary is never required to prepare a will or draw up a declaration of inheritance - even if real estate is involved.

It is therefore entirely possible to take these steps yourself or with the help of a specialist from Legacio. This will save you an average of 50% in costs.

Is this the case in all situations?

To write a will or prepare a declaration of inheritance, a notary is never compulsory. However, his or her intervention may be necessary for other procedures, when a "notarial deed" must be drawn up (more information below).

When this happens, Legacio will organise the procedures for you with a partner notary, or one of your choice, at no extra cost. In this way, Legacio takes care of everything for you, and you save money.

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