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How much does it cost to make a will?

Our prices start at just 90€ – saving you up to 250€ compared to the same service from notaries.

Online will

Get started for free
  • Get free support on chat or on the phone
  • Only pay when your will is ready to be checked
  • Ready in under 5 days
How does it work?
Top service! Very professional, very fast and perfectly suited to my needs. Making a will seemed complicated and expensive. However, Legacio made the process really easy to use and now I'm delighted to have finally made my will. I would recommend Legacio to anyone!

Update your will anytime

Once you’ve finished your online will, you can update it as many times as you like in the next year, absolutely free. You’ll also get access to unlimited support from our will specialists on chat, email and over the phone.

After the first year, we charge an annual fee of £10 a year for unlimited updates and support, which you can cancel at any time.


Your questions

How much does an online will cost?
The cost of writing a will online is £90. You can sign up and start writing your will for free – you only need to pay when you’re finished and ready for your will to be checked by our specialists.
What does this service include?
  1. A personalised model will, verified by an expert. After receiving your information, our legal experts prepare a legally valid model will that is adapted to your wishes. All you have to do is to copy out your will by hand, date and sign it.
  2. Unlimited updates for 1 year. You can change your information at any time during the first year. After that, our €10/year subscription will allow you to modify your will whenever you wish.
  3. Support by chat, e-mail or telephone. Are you stuck on a stage? We are here to answer all your questions. Just call or send a message to our team to get a hand.
What is the Legacio update service?

If you make a will with Legacio, you will automatically be registered for our "updates" service so that you can modify your information at any time. This service allows you to log back into your account at any time to update your will (and thus avoid paying 90€ for a new will).

This service is free for the first year and costs only £10 per year thereafter. You can cancel this upgrade service at any time if you don't think you need to upgrade, and we will always send you a reminder 30 days before each payment so you have time to decide.

Thanks to our update service, you can update your will an unlimited number of times. You can also take advantage of our free assistance by email and telephone between 9am and 7pm throughout the year

Why use this update service?

It is recommended that you review your will every two years, without having to change it. Simply checking that it still corresponds to your personal situation and wishes is already very useful. However, there are cases where an update is essential, in particular the following:

  1. A newborn (child or grandchild, ...)
  2. You get engaged, married or divorced
  3. You are moving
  4. You are buying or selling a property
  5. You have inherited
  6. One of your executors, beneficiaries or guardians has died
  7. You want to change one of the people who were to inherit your estate
  8. You want to add a specific gift or message to a loved one
  9. The family relationship has deteriorated
  10. You wish to make your burial wishes known

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