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Filing a declaration of inheritance is a compulsory legal procedure, which must be carried out within 4 months of the death. The notary is not obliged to do this: this is why we have created a simple, fast and affordable service.
I have nothing but extremely positive comments about Legacio. Very competent, courteous and efficient people. I recommend them 100%. In my case, it was a complicated case and they managed to handle it quickly. I am impressed with their phenomenal work! Legacio did an excellent job and your team is great !
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Alexia Gigantelli

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Declaration of inheritance

Our team of experts explains everything you need to know about the declaration of inheritance

Your questions about the declaration of inheritance

What is a declaration of inheritance?
Following the death of a Belgian resident, an "declaration of inheritance" must be filed with the tax authorities to allow them to determine the inheritance tax. To this end, the declaration of inheritance must include the liabilities and assets of the deceased. If the deceased was not a Belgian resident but owned one or more properties in Belgium, the heirs must file a "declaration of transfer by death".
Who should file the declaration of succession?
Any heir designated by law (child, spouse, etc.) as well as any heir designated by will who receives the whole or a fraction of the whole estate. If they fail to file a declaration of inheritance, the other persons receiving property from the estate may be asked by the tax authorities to file a declaration of inheritance. In this case, however, the declaration only concerns the property they receive. In practice, the declaration can be filed by one or more heirs/universal legatees together.
Where should the declaration of inheritance be filed?
In principle, the declaration of inheritance must be filed with the inheritance tax office in whose jurisdiction the deceased had his last tax domicile.
How to unblock bank accounts?
When the bank is informed of the death of an account holder, it is obliged to block the use of the deceased's accounts and safes, but often also those of the spouse. This is to guarantee the payment of inheritance tax and any debts of the deceased and/or the heirs. However, upon presentation of supporting documents, certain debts of the deceased (funeral expenses, sickness expenses, rent, etc.) can be paid from the deceased's current account. In order to unblock the deceased's account(s), a ÷"certificate of inheritance" must be submitted to the bank. This document certifies the identity of the heirs and their rights in the estate.
Do I have to go to a notary to declare my estate?
Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary for a notary to draw up a declaration of inheritance. Indeed, the declaration of succession is not a notarial act, it is a purely and exclusively fiscal declaration, of the same type as the annual tax return. Thus, as Test-Achats points out, the intervention of a notary often entails high costs. The drawing up and filing of the inheritance declaration can be done by anyone. However, due to the technical nature of the matter and the high stakes involved, it is advisable to be assisted by a person with a thorough knowledge of tax and civil law.
What is the deadline for filing the declaration of succession?
The deadline for filing the declaration of inheritance is determined by the place of death and :
  • In Belgium: 4 months from the date of death
  • In other European countries: 5 months
  • Outside Europe: 6 months
If the declaration is not filed in time, each heir is liable to a fine.

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