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Making succession accessible and affordable to all

Succession has always been synonymous with unknowns, complexity and stress. What needs to be done, how, and in what time? Moreover, it often involves an expensive visit to the notary. With this in mind, we created Legacio in 2020. By blending smart technology with outstanding customer service, we offer complete, simple and affordable legal services and tools throughout Belgium, 100% remotely. So that succession finally becomes simple and accessible to all.

The Belgium's best-rated succession experts

Legacio's services are recommended by over 100 customers, who rate their experience with us at 4.8/5 on TrustPilot. Legacio has also been mentioned in the press on numerous occasions. Not to mention the fact that our estate specialists have many years of combined experience in estate matters.

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Our team

We are former solicitors, lawyers, web developers and marketing managers, all sharing a common goal: to make the inheritance process easier and more accessible for our clients. It is by combining our diverse and varied experiences that we have designed Legacio together.




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Our ideas for Legacio

100% remote, 100% simple
Calling to make an appointment, waiting for an interview for several days, travelling to offices: not always practical, especially at a difficult and stressful time when you want to be accompanied quickly. At Legacio, we believe that another way of doing things is possible: a remote, simplified approach, where an expert is available to offer immediate answers to all your questions. Thanks to a 100% remote procedure, we are able to offer you a free legal interview and start the process within 24 hours, anywhere in Belgium.
A friendly, available and supportive service
Complex legal jargon, endless delays, cold and corporate style: legal professionals are sometimes far removed from families' concerns. At Legacio, we want to put families back at the centre of the discussion, by listening to their needs and desires. We are first and foremost human, and want to be on our customers' side.
A fair and transparent pricing
The current model proposed by other legal professionals, based on a percentage of the estate's assets or on hours worked, does not always suit families who want to know the cost of the procedures in advance. On the other hand, this system is complex and opaque: "miscellaneous expenses", expenses for administrative procedures, etc. It is not always easy to understand what is really being charged. At Legacio, we believe that families should understand what they are paying for, and only pay for work that is actually done. With an all-inclusive fixed price package, our clients know the cost of the process in advance, before they commit. The best part? They save on average 50% compared to notary fees thanks to our simplified services.



Write a will online in as little as 15 minutes and take care of what really matters.


Estate Administration

Our estate administration services take the stress of probate off your hands.