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Full estate administration from only €995

Our estate administration services take the stress of probate off your hands so you can focus on what really matters.

What is estate administration?

In addition to preparing the declaration of inheritance, full estate adminitration includes gathering all the necessary information from banks, funeral directors, authorities, etc. It also includes coordinating all the steps involved (unblocking bank accounts, cancelling contracts, etc.).

What's the difference between "declaration of inheritance" service & full estate administration?

At Legacio, we offer you the possibility of having an expert prepare and write the declaration of succession (and only that). This is an interesting option when the estate is relatively simple. When the procedures are more complex (presence of a property, a will, etc.) or when you simply wish to benefit from complete assistance, our full estate administration service is probably the most suitable option.
Here's what included in each service:
Declaration of inheritance
From €895
Full Administration
From €995
Call with a specialist
Certificate of inheritance
Declaration of inheritance
Unlimited updates
Telephone assistance
Inheritance tax estimation
Sending the declaration
Verification of the tax notice
Administrative support
Speaking to banks
Unlocking bank accounts
You can ask for additional services (e.g. termination of contracts or property valuation) at your first appointment

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How our service differs from that offered by notaries

In Belgium, notaries charge 1 to 2% of the value of an estate, which can sometimes cost more than €5,000.

At Legacio, we always offer a fixed-fee quote, which allows you to know in advance the costs of administrating the estate. Thanks to this system, our clients save an average of €1,500 compared to the notary's fees..
From €995

Full service

Start in less than 24h

24/7 legal expert assistance

Declaration ready within 7 days

1%-2% of the estate

Full service

Start in less than 24h

24/7 legal expert assistance

Declaration ready within 7 day

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Hundreds of satisfied customers

Our full administration service may be much cheaper than those offered by other professionals, but that does not mean that we compromise on quality.

Our estate experts take care to provide you an exceptional experience, whatever your situation. We are therefore extremely proud to be rated 4.8/5 on Trustpilot by over 100 clients.

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