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You have just inherited a substantial sum of money. You want to invest it, but how? Here are some common sense rules for investing the money from an inheritance as wisely as possible.
26 avril 2022

Our guides

We've put all our expertise into these free guides to help you get to grips with everything to do with death.

How to make a will

Our online will writing service is designed to make writing a will quick, simple and stress-free. Here, you'll find everything you need to know about writing a will and protecting your family's future.

How to arrange a funeral

There are many things to do and think about following the loss of a loved one. From choosing a funeral director to organising the ceremony and selecting a coffin, we can help you prepare for the funeral.

How to administrate the estate

Dealing with the various inheritance procedures following a death is no easy task. In this guide, our experts help you step by step, from unblocking bank accounts to submitting the declaration of inheritance.

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